The iTablet: The Steve Jobs checklist.



From what we can glean from past experience, especially in Apple’s consumer products like the iPod and iPhone,  the iTablet must adhere to the following :

  • Must be a fashion statement. Just like the introduction of the conspicuous mug-me-white earbuds of the iPods.
  • Must be obscenely expensive. Not much to say about that!
  • Must need to be handled a lot in its operation and in doing so be obvious to others, to show the owner’s coolness and good taste (and for its free viral marketing contribution to Apple). The original iPod clickwheel, and the multi-touch screens of the other devices come to mind.
  • Must be missing at least one but likely many crucial features, to be introduced in releases 2,3,4… Just like the lack voice dialing, cut and paste, stereo bluetooth, 3G, etc. etc. on the first iPhone)
  • Must wear out quickly in some way needing one to upgrade to the next version, like the scratch-prone screens of the first ipods, and the fragile glass screens of the present generation of iPhone/iPod Touch.
  • Form over function is everything!
  • …and much, much more that I haven’t thought of.

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