Bill Rodman, with 25 years experience in the telecommunications industry, has specialized in the design of hardware and software in telephony and data applications. An electrical engineer by training, Bill has been co-founder and VP R&D of two high technology startups. Bill has developed and managed the development of microprocessor hardware and software, including real-time operating systems, object-oriented electronic message systems and communications-related subsystems using 11 different microprocessors and employing computer languages as diverse as C++, Smalltalk, Forth and Assembler and,  JavaScript (node.js).

Earlier in his career, Bill designed and is a patent holder of one of the first “Electronic Highway” projects in North America.

email: billrodman@onering.net
linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/bill-rodman
facebook: www.facebook.com/billrodman
twitter: @billrodman
Skype: b_rodman
Tel: +1 514 489-7963 or +1 321 369-9663


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