Donald Trump: Elevator-Farter-in-Chief

Blazing saddles fart

You hear Trump supporters say that they refuse to wear a mask as it interferes with their constitutional rights. Being Canadian and not well versed in the American constitution, I imaging this right is in the fine print of the  2nd amendment along with the right to bear arms and the right to eat copious quantities of baked beans, Blazing-Saddles-style and ride elevators all day long continuously farting.

Now the “freedom not to wear masks” can result in the deaths of other elevator passengers or their friends or family.

Farting, not so much.

Despite his supposedly poor dietary habits and (how shall I put it) “ample posterior” a Presidential elevator fart is not likely to be lethal.


One Response

  1. I see from the recent controversy that Goya beans are the preferred product choice of Trump acolytes everywhere.

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