Podcasts to audiobook conversion: A wish

I wish there was a service that would allow me to subscribe to a number of podcasts and combine the recent releases of each into multiple chapters of an audiobook that I could transfer to my iPod Touch.

This would allow me to take advantage of the bookmarking feature of audiobooks. I like to pause playing my podcasts to listen to music, and then get back to my podcasts at the point I left off.

I imagine that what most people do is toy around with smart playlists. Perhaps I need to read some best-practices or how-to documents to see what the iPod fanboys do.


One Response

  1. A service for doing this would have to be incredibly clever to do this faster than you can already do it yourself. I doubt there is enough demand. Anyone who is geeky enough to want to do it in the first place knows that they can do it manually. Here is how.

    Locate the podcasts on your hard drive.
    Merge them to one long file (max 7 hours per file) with an mp3 merging tool there are tons around).
    Optional: Edit as needed in Audacity or Goldwave and again save as mp3.
    Use an mp3 converter and convert to mp4 or m4a.
    Then change the file extension to m4b.
    Open the file in Itunes and set the type to Audio book. It is now identical to an audiobook, sans copyright.


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