In praise of push buttons: my podcast player.

In praise of pushbuttons

In praise of push buttons: my podcast player

I use my mobile phone (iPAQ rw6828) as my podcast/music/audiobook device.

Why? Because of push buttons.

With the buttons on the phone I can:

  • play/pause and stop the track
  • skip forward (great for skipping those interminable twit ads).
  • skip back (to re-listen to a bit drowned out by traffic noise on my walks.
  • go to previous/next track
  • control the volume
  • go to the next playlist (to alternate between music/podcasts/audiobooks)
  • Toggle the touchscreen on and off

The volume/play/pase/stop/next track/previous track I can also do from my bluetooth headset.

I do have an iPod Touch but it isn’t my main podcast device because you have to fiddle with it too much to do much of the above. I am especially annoyed with the Touch bluetooth support that doesn’t include previous/next functions. Hopefully this will be fixed in a subsequent release.

My the way, the phone runs Windows Mobile OS and the great MortPlayer application

(Photo by williamli1983)