iTablet: Steve Jobs Checklist part II

Continuing my previous post here are further checklist items for Steve Jobs to insist on in developing and marketing the iTablet:



  • Must implement a feature that you said you would never do and make it a key feature of the device (Just like the “No Video Ipod” Video iPod). Perhaps the “Kindle is flawed because people don’t read” Ebook Reader?
  • Must remember to annoy early adopters by significantly dropping the price a month after the release, when the lines in front of the Apple store have shortened, and the shortages have ended.
  • Must assure that the iTablet is totally incompatible with previous iPhone, iPod, Mac accessories.
  • Must assure that only licensed accessories work with the iTablet.
  • Must require a new version of iTunes, that will work even worse on Windows machines (if possible!).
  • Must remember to charge $10 to future OS upgrades, and blame it on accounting.

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