New iPod, iTablet, nixing Google Voice: Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Now that the pundits have spoken, here are the thoughts of a rank amateur on the forthcoming iPods and iTablet (with apologies to others with similar ideas):

  • The new iPod Touch will have a microphone and a forward-facing camera, used for VoIP calls over Wi-Fi with a native app. The app together with Verizon will be Google Voice-like supporting video with social networking flavor.
  • When away from a Wi-Fi hotspot, the Touch will  connect to the Verizon 3G network using:… the iTablet.
  • The iTablet will support tethering. It will be have fantastic battery life, and will be always on, even when in your backpack/purse, remotely accessible by your new iPod Touch (as well as older Touches or iPhones). It together with an iPod touch would support cellular-like calling over 3G. It would take a Steve Jobs to convince Verizon that the days of cell phones are numbered and that VoIP over 3G is the way to go, especially for video calls.
  • The iTablet will run iTunes. It must irk Steve Jobs that most copies of iTunes run on Windows despite Apple’s herculean efforts to make the Windows version run like a dog (very successful by the way). The iTablet will be an alternative that even Windows fanboys might be tempted to buy.
  • The iTablet will come with an thin and  light  Bluetooth keyboard. It can be used as an alternative to the touch screen.  The iTablet then can be propped up more vertically on its self-contained stand for more convenient viewing  (and to be better seen by the Starbucks crowd, as per Apple’s usual viral marketing genius).
  • The iTablet won’t be cheap, despite being subsidized by a data plan. Maybe $499 subsidized? But as always, fanboys will ignore the exorbitant monthly charges and compare the $499 to the price of  the cheapest Mac and think they are getting a wonderful bargain. Gee, thanks Steve.
  • The iTablet will have a large storage capacity for your music/video collection (and ebooks?)  and will always be online via the 3G network, replacing the functionality of the to-be-discontinued iPod Classic line.

I figure, why should only the experts have all the fun of having egg on their face, once these devices are  released with features that blow everybody away!

One Response

  1. I highly doubt any of the stated above will be true, at least not in this iteration of hardware. 2010, maybe.

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